lecture: Intro: BalCCon Beginner CTF

Introduction Lecture and Workshops



CTF is an acronym for Capture the Flag. It is not only a gamestyle in video games but also an IT security competition. We want give a brief intro to CTFs in general and prepared a beginner CTF for BalCCon 2019. There will be also intro sessions for specific challenge types in the Hackcenter for interested people.

We are organizing a beginner Capture The Flag (CTF) challenge at BalCCon 2019. In the last years several people voiced their interest in CTF but had never played CTF before or found the challenges of the main CTF difficult to solve.

In order to counter this we want to provide a CTF with very basic challenges for people with no or little experience, combined with workshops in the Hackcenter going over the various tools and provide helpful advice for the players. In order to allow for a comfortable
learning experience, the beginner CTF will not have a public ranking system, but only give personal indicators for progress.

The beginner CTF is intended to span across all three days of BalCCon, but participation is not limited to people not able/willing to play on all days. The general outline of the event is as follows:

  • Friday, we will hold an introduction lecture giving you a bit of the background information on CTFs in general and officialy start the CTF.

  • On Saturday, we will hold workshops on the CTF categories and the tools in the Hackcenter. We will also be available to help you out around the clock, even if you don't participate in the workshops.

  • On Sunday, we are closing the CTF, go through some of the challenges and discuss the solutions in case you are interested to learn about the intended solutions or did not manage to solve some challenges.
  • Challenge-Categories that will be available during CTF:

    • Trivia

    • Web

    • Reversing

    • Crypto

    • Steganography

    • Pwn

    • Recon


Day: 2019-09-13
Start time: 16:00
Duration: 01:00
Room: Pupin


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