lecture: Ultimate Mobile OPSEC

Safest use of phones and mobile devices in maximum threat environments


Nation-state adversaries use mobile devices to geolocate, track, and even kill those carrying them. Is it possible to make use of modern mobile communications while still protecting yourself from well-resourced attackers? It's not as simple as using burner phones -- the way you use them really counts. With the benefit of detailed case studies, this presentation will give you your best shot of protecting your privacy and your life while your phone or tablet does its utmost to betray you.

Mobile devices, particularly cellular telephones, have become almost a fact of modern life: beyond communications, in some areas, it's even difficult to make purchases or arrange transport without one. They are also the greatest boon to surveillance and intelligence organizations ever invented. Mobiles are used to instantaneously geolocate individuals, ascertain a pattern of life over time, and even kill them in some circumstances. Carrying such a device literally puts your life into the hands of powerful monitoring organizations.

Nevertheless, it's possible to make use of these devices without giving away your privacy, even when engaged in activities that are highly interesting to these agencies. In this privacy-focused presentation we'll look at the lengths that are necessary to go to in order to do this, with the benefit of some in-depth case studies and spectacular fuck-ups by high-profile organizations that should have known better.

Topics covered will include best practices with your own (traceable to you) personal device, but will primarily focus on evading systemwide surveillance with disposable "burner" devices. If you have plans that involve coordinating any kind of covert operation in the face of surveillance from any organization that's better resourced than your group, this presentation is for you.


Day: 2019-09-13
Start time: 20:15
Duration: 01:00
Room: Tesla


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