lecture: HID Apocalipse is here!

When clickers strike again!


HID devices are capable of many good things. On the other HID devices can also be very dangerous and in some short time can do a lot of harm to the computer or some other device.

During pentest HID devices can be really fun. Simply plug them in, wait a couple of seconds and you may already own targeted system. It doesn't matter if its Linux, Windows or Mac. Sometimes HID devices can also be used and abused remotely. They can be sniffed or even better. You can inject some cool stuff into the channel and if you are lucky, you may gain shell and execute commands on the remote system. You will say, of course, this is an old story, but I will show, that we have new attacks vectors and present some cool examples from this year and from research from some great security researchers.
During the presentation, some live demos will be shown, and some new attack vectors will be demonstrated, which will make you go Hmmm.


Day: 2019-09-14
Start time: 16:45
Duration: 01:00
Room: Tesla


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