workshop: Hebocon

Crappy robot competition


Build a small crappy robot from old junk and battle against other contestants! If you win your robot was probably not crappy enough. Fun for all ages (young children could use the help of parents).

Hebocon consists of two parts. Building a small robot from old junk and broken toys is the first part. It takes about 3 hours, but can be done in an hour with some technical helpers. The second part is the competition in which the contestants battle against each other.


Parts for building:
-A LOT OF: toys (broken or working), preferably with switches, motors, remotes etc. and not too big, plastic dolls, old small pcb's, mechanical stuff, weird looking objects, small motors with gears, battery holders, switches, pushbuttons, craft material, glitter, ribbons, and more craft stuff. The amount of motors and battery holders must be about double of the number of contestants.
-some thin rope, tape, rubber bands, etc.
-a lot of AAA and AA batteries, some 9V alkaline as well.
-a lot of thin cable (speaker wire, hookup wire)

Tools for upto 20 contestants:
-3x Large table with some chairs
-2x glue-gun with a lot of glue sticks
-2x soldering iron with some solder
-2x screwdriver set (PH1/PH2 and flat 2.5mm, 4mm ish)
-2x wire cutter
-small handsaw for iron/plastic

Battle arena / competition:
-Piece of cardboard or wood 50x100cm
-Some paper to write on
-A few markers to write with

If possible:
-A projector, HDMI cable and a screen to show some other hebocon creations
-A crowd and a video camera on a tripod.


Day: 2019-09-14
Start time: 14:15
Duration: 04:00
Room: Hacker Area


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