Speaker: Sam Lanning


Sam has worked for Semmle since 2014, both as a full-time developer, and developer advocate. His interests include vulnerability research, privacy, security and cryptography, having previously contributed to Signal, among other open source projects.

Sam started working at Semmle in October 2014, after deciding to drop out of his Masters at Oxford University after having completed his undergraduate Computer Science degree there. Sam was the first full-time developer for Semmle’s LGTM platform, and worked on it for over 3 years before becoming a developer advocate. Sam’s has been an active member of the security and privacy community for a while, with a particular interest in vulnerability research, cryptography and peer-to-peer networks, having previously contributed to Signal’s Android and Desktop clients, among other open source projects. Most recently, in his free time he’s been working on an open source project that ties together music and lighting.