lecture: Busting Advance Botnets


We all are aware of the malware attacks and bot-net's behind this massive illegal industry which drains out pockets and even take our lives. This criminal organisations have own rules and own secrets that they don't want us to reveal. They like to infect hack and control the victims without get caught by law enforcements. We all know that end-point security is not enough for the zero day malware attacks so my research was always focused on their command and control centres. We will never win the malware war if we don't reveal their dirty job from inside, having this aim i managed to revel more than 10 unique C&C server dirty secrets in past years. This research articles are published in various cybersecurity magazines in Europe and Asia.

At this presentation i will reveal the famous bot-net’s from inside to outside, with all the original source code, files and logic behind those criminals. By revealing this C&C servers we will see and learn how serious they take this illegals business and we will have a chance to peak inside the Cryptolocker C&C server and unique full autopilot C&C server for bank fraud as other unique C&C servers listed below.

This is the list of the bot-net’s i covered in this presentation.

• Revealing Unique MitB Builder C&C Server
• NAS Botnet Revealed
• Inside Cryptolocker C&C server
• Are 2 factor authentications enough to protect your money?
• Kins origin malware acting like a Real E-banking web app
• Infostealer Botnet Reveal
• State of ART Phishing Attack stealing 50K Credit Cards Reveal
• One shot eight banks
• Target List of Hesper-BOT Malware


Day: 2019-09-15
Start time: 12:00
Duration: 01:00
Room: Tesla


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