Speaker: Senad Aruc


Seasoned cyber security professional with more than 10-years experience in: Incident management, CSOC and MSSP experience, IT Security, IDS & IPS, SIEM, Network and Digital Forensics, Malware Analyses, ISMS-RISK management, Ethical Hacking, Vulnerability Management, Anti Fraud & Phishing, Drop zone and Bot-Net interception. Skills include written & verbal communications in 6 different languages. Taking leadership role with focus on technical design, support & troubleshooting of networking & security solutions.

Senad have a deep knowledge of effective cyber security in fields like Incident response and management, 24/7 Security operations experience, IT Security, IDS and IPS solutions, SIEM solutions, Network Forensics, Malware Analyses, ISMS-RISK management, Ethical Hacking, Vulnerability Management, Anti Fraud and Cyber Security. He includes 15 years of serving in vital positions, notably Consulting Cybersecurity Engineer - Advanced Threats Group at Cisco, Principal Advisor, SOC Senior Lead, Senior Security Specialist and Security Consultant with organizations such as UL-Underwriters Laboratories, ServiceNOW Inc BV, Reply / Communication Valley S.p.a and DfLabs S.r.l. Senad's educational background covers multiple subjects of study and learning about modern developments in the areas of organizational leadership, cybersecurity and information security holding the following certificates; Advanced Infrastructure Hacking – BlackHat Edition, SANS SEC511- Continuous Monitoring & Security Operations, Incident Response - Black Hat Edition, Mandiant Redline Training– Mandiant, CEH - Ethical Hacking and Countermeasures (CEHv7), ISMS - MASTER (PECB), Certified Risk Manager iso27005 (RABQSA) Veridion, Lead Implementer iso27001 (PECB), Lead Auditor iso27001 (PECB). He published more than 20 research articles focusing on botnets and malware reasearch. Skills include written and verbal communications in 6 different languages.

Revealing Unique MitB Builder C&C Server - Awareness publication’2015
NAS Botnet Revealed - Bluekaizen magazine’2015
Inside Cryptolocker C&C server – eForensics magazine’2014
Are 2 factor authentications enough to protect your money? – eForensics magazine’2014 Kins origin malware acting like a Real E-banking web app– Awareness publication’2014 Infostealer Botnet Reveal – Awareness publication’2014
State of ART Phishing Attack stealing 50K Credit Cards Reveal –Awareness publication’2014 One shot eight banks – Awareness publication’2014
Target List of Hesper-BOT Malware – Awareness publication’2014
Password cracking: proving your login. Password Cracking - Hakin9 magazine’2013
Time to alert Spar Kasse Bank Macedonia - Awareness disclosure’2013 Simple hack into web server of Customs of MK- Awareness disclosure’2013 Information security awareness at RM- Awareness disclosure’2012
I discovered a new way of Sim Carrier unlock’2012
Web Site Count 126 can be HACKED - Awareness disclosure’2010 Interview for iPhone hack and security at www.kirilica.com.mk ‘2010
I managed to hack the iPhone with sim-clone method’2007
• Full PDF version of my research publications: http://goo.gl/MHzIvC