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Capture the кне́дла: BalCCon Beginner CTF

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CTF stands for Capture the Flag and is (in our case) an IT security challenge, where challenges deal with topics of different categories. There have always been CTFs in some form at BalCCon, but due to popular demand, this time we are organizing a CTF specially tailored for beginners. We will release more information on our CTF platform at https://knedla.pwn.institute/

Despite being a CTF for beginners, you should bring some skills regarding basic computer knowledge. We still encourage you to try it out if you don't know anything about, e.g. programming, but you will have to spend more time with the basics and some challenges might become frustrating. We recommend the following skills:

  • Using a search engine
  • Using the built in development tools of the browser of your choice
  • Some basic scripting/programming skills (language of your choice, recommending Python 3)
  • Creativity

Intro Lecture & Workshops

We are offering and introduction lecture on the evening of day 0, Friday 13th of September, we will update the description as soon as the schedule is fixed. During the conference we will offer some workshop sessions at the CTF area in the hackcenter for specific challenge categories. In these sessions we will introduce you to tools, specific techniques and help you with all the questions you have.

We will again publish more info regarding the workshops on https://knedla.pwn.institute/ (and probably on the official schedule as well).

Thanks goes to:

  • Kirils - for contributing challenges
  • badarg - for contributing challenges
  • SBA Research - for hosting the infrastructure
  • ... you missing here? Sorry! Drop us a line.


cluosh & Hetti