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October 28th 2019

BalCCon2k19 LOC and Video Wall:

September 3rd 2019


On BalCCon2k19, we want everyone to have an opportunity to speak!

So we are soliciting short, but engaging 5 minute talks – Lightning Talks – from any and all attendees.

The Lightning Talk format provides very personal, concise thoughts, ideas or calls for action. Typically speakers use lightning talks to talk about their experience, their opinions or for a wake-up call towards the agile community and markets.


Everyone can speak at Balccon! Tell us about your project, idea, plans or your best jokes, just make sure you have a slide deck and keep it under 5 minutes!

Proposal Now it’s your turn!

Send an email on jelena (at) with
  • Subject: Lightning Talk - BalCCon2k19
  • Name:
  • Language of your Presentation
  • Keywords:
  • Abstract:
  • Relevant Links (Project Page, etc.):

    September 1st 2019


    Are you tired of your ultra-fast 64bit 64GB RAM 48-core 5GHz 4K ultra-wide beast of a computer? Do you miss computers that one could understand inside-out, hardware and software-wise? Do you know for a fact that C64/ZX Spectrum/Atari XL/Amstrad CPC/... is THE BEST 8-bit computer, despite what others say? If you have yes to any of the questions, then spend a bit of your time at Once Upon a Byte retro hackerspace at BalCCon conference.

    As this is a hackerspace, a few tables will be reserved for retro equipment repair. If you want to participate, bring your equipment or your knowledge, both are welcomed.

    If you want to bring some of your retro stuff to show to others, please do. If you have some retro stuff that you do not need and want to gift us, by all means, please do (as long as it isn't x86 PC stuff, x86 PC is not retro!).

    August 6th 2019


    On BalCCon2k19 we want to put also focus on groups meeting and discussing topics. For many groups it was hard to find a decent home base to discuss ideas and get new folks interested in their community. For interested hackers it became harder to find someone to talk to, as everyone was wandering around.

    We have a solution for that:

    "Hackerspace" on BalCCon

    We want to capture the camp's spirit in semi-open assemblies called "Hackerspace" ;)

    So, if you are a group of hackers who like to work and hang out together, bring your toys, work on projects, have fun and let others participate in what you’re doing!

    How to reserve space

    Please let us know what you’d like to do, how much space you’ll need, what you’d like to bring with you, how much power your gear will consume, etc… Keep in mind: The more you tell us about your plans the better your chances that you’ll actually get what you want.

    • send an email on jelena (at) with subject BalCCon2k19 Assembly

    Be aware: Only Assemblies that were added until 10th September will get an own place!

    So we bring our projects and set up workshops and so on?

    Yes, sharing your knowledge and showing other participants about your projects is central for everything going on at the congress. If people in your Assembly want to offer workshops or maybe lectures on a small scale, maybe there’ll be enough space for you to integrate a workshop area into your Assembly. For bigger workshops there will be workshop room.

    Great, we will bring ALL THE THINGS!

    Be aware that the space is limited. But assemblies are invited to bring their toys and also to decorate their spot on the Congress – as long as everything you bring with you does not block exit paths and is not inflammable. These two requirements are important, and if your installations don’t fulfill them, we’ll be forced to remove them.

    Yes, we will do some workshops!

    If you would like to have small-scale workshops in your Assembly, tell us what you’re planning and for how many people. Please be as specific as possible. We will probably not allocate extra workshop space for your Assembly, if you haven’t published something like a schedule on your Assembly page. For now it will be sufficient to list topics and speakers, later we’d like to see a timetable as well.

    How about a projector for our area?

    We will not provide projectors, canvas or anything apart from chairs and tables, but probably you’ve got those anyway.

    List of already registered assemblies

    Coming soon!!!


    July 22nd 2019

    Here it is - The official BalCCon2k19 T-shirt design!